The Staten Island Opportunities Alliance was formed by nine agencies that are headquartered in Staten Island with the Executive Directors of the nine agencies serving as members of the Board of Directors: 

  A Very Special Place, Inc.
Community Resources
Crossroads Unlimited, Inc.
Eden II
Grace Foundation
Lifestyles for the Disabled, Inc.
Modest Community Services Association, Inc.
On Your Mark, Inc.
Person Centered Care Services, Inc.

This group of agencies currently provides services to 2,000 Staten Islanders ranging in ages from child to senior citizen. Combined annual revenues from OPWDD - related services exceed $70 million. The services provided currently cross the entire range of habilitative and residential alternatives in use within the current service system. Only clinic and specific medical/dental & hospital services are not represented.  Other providers of services to people with a developmental disability as well as hospitals and health care agencies have expressed an interest in affiliating with the Alliance.