The Staten Island Opportunities Alliance is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation formed with the following purposes:  

        Coordinate plan and promote programs and services for people with a developmental disability     

   Provide administrative support to non profit organizations by promoting collaboration

         Collect and disseminate information about best practices to such organizations        

Establish, maintain and carry on any other activities wi
thin the State of New York to effect the purposes of this corporation



The Staten Island Opportunities Alliance was formed in 2011 in response to the movement by OPWDD to redesign the system of service delivery to people with a developmental disability. The plan to establish a managed care system in New York State led to the need for greater collaboration among service providers in order to promote greater efficiency while improving the quality of services. As a small, island borough, Staten Island has developed a cultural environment that is unique within New York City. It is characterized by independence and self-reliance. There are many social service and other not-for-profit agencies within the borough to insure that the needs of all are met. Resources are shared routinely by these organizations and collaboration is a hallmark of the service environment in the borough. With the smallest population of the five boroughs, Staten Island also presents an ideal location for pilots to develop and test new ways of delivering services and overcoming problems within an urban environment. The Staten Island Opportunities Alliance was formed to develop a DISCO that would serve as a model and ultimately a prototype for providing quality services through managed care throughout the State.